I began tattooing in 2006 on my own with some limited advice help from several tattooer friends. Since the start, I’ve always maintained a consistent direction to provide a more graphic and unconventional alternative to the well established aesthetics of the tattoo world.  I continue to strive for interesting, unique, client-specific compositions that make that entire tattooing experience more rewarding for both clients and me.


I’m a precision oriented painter.  In 2009, as I transitioned out of a career in architectural hand drafting, I began painting large panels relying on diagrammatic visual vocabulary.  I strive to communicate loose narratives or direct commentary, from satirical to daunting, in stories told by objects, symbols, and schematics that are all around us.  I like to combine the mechanical rigid aesthetic of a blueprint along with gestural elements offered by the brush, paint, and hand, paying homage to graphic craftsmanship.


Currently, I’m a day time tattooer, night time painter working in Portland, Oregon.

I gladly take on commissioned projects for all art medium and architectural drafting

so feel free to ask about more details.

 Find me at Grizzly Tattoo 3949 N. Williams, Portland, OREGON

(503) 265 8146

Email for inquiries at:
For updates and future events friend me on instagram.

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